Upcoming Lectures on Oral & Facial Surgery − Vancouver WA

This is a list of upcoming lectures:

  •   Endodontic update
  •   Optimizing Hygiene
  •   Oral Pathology
  •   Dental Trauma
  •   Cone Beam CT technology
  •   Implant Dentistry
  •   Maximizing anterior implant Esthetics
  •   ABC’s of Implant dentistry
  •   Oral Surgery Issues for the General Dentist
  •   Locator Program
  •   Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
  •   All On Four
  •   Oral Sedation in the Dental Office
  •   Management of the Anxious Patient
  •   Antibiotics in the Dental Office
  •   Restoratively Driven Implant failures
  •   Treatment options for the Edentulous Patient
  •   MRONJ- Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
  •   Management of the Anticoagulated Patient
  •   Current Concepts and techniques in implant overdentures and implant retained partial dentures
  •   Immediate Implants
  •   Management of implants in the Posterior maxilla
  •   Implant restorations made simple

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